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What is Management?


Management includes guiding, planning, booking, organizing, leading, directing, and controlling an individual, organization or company to accomplish set forth goals. 


Why Would You Need Management? 


  • Event Plan Management – Organizing and Maintaining a detailed task plan that thoroughly details all event milestones from A to Z.

  • Event Budget Management – Controlling a central event budget and recording all relevant event expenses.

  • Executive Management – Organizing research, coordinating site visits and negotiating contracts.

  • Talent Management – Controlling talent contracts and riders as well as coordinating hospitality or concierge services for out-of-town talent.

  • Vendor Management – Controlling event vendors, such as: vendors, caterers, concierge providers, staging companies, photographers and others as needed.

  • Premium Management – Mapping out how to achieve a target goal and quick to resolve issues as they aarise in real time. 

  • Project Management - Organizing a task plan that includes all details of a project. 

  • Brand Management - Leading the image, reputation and general product or service offering. 

  • Business Management - Managing the issues that arise due to business administration, legal issues, business planning, finance and marketing. 

  • Crisis Management - Controlling the major threats that can cause harm to the company, organization, stakeholders or the general public. 

  • Social Media Management - Manage multiple networks and profiles to save time and money. 

  • Artist / Talent Management - Provider of guidance, information and resources for professionals in the entertainment industry. 

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