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With the turn of the 21st century, businesses, organizations and brands are continuously trying to adapt and transform their organizations to address a greater scope. Having digitization and globalization at the forefront, it has become imperative for organizations to adopt new techniques and solutions to face the new fast paced world. Consequently a change in market dynamics always calls for a change in business strategies. 


This is where our services come in, 1st Class Consultant, LLC Firm is here to provide our clients, sponsors and vendors with a tangible business solution to their problems and help them overcome weaknesses and therefore direct them to a path of desired outcomes through our professional consultancy, marketing or management services. In short we help you get prepared to grasp businesses opportunities, minimize costs and at the same time increase productivity. Being in business since 2006, we have helped numerous entrepreneurs, professionals, brands, artists, celebrities and non profit organizations enhance their image and performance. We are continuing to develop and expand our services to increase our reach nationally and internationally. We are a dedicated management consulting company out to provide high quality, results driven professional services to entrepreneurs and businesses alike. 

Our goal is to advise our client opportunities and critical situations in any form of strategy including marketing, legal, social media, public relations, branding, advertising, networking, accounting, operations, organization and technology. We carefully and critically analyze the business dimensions and provide a cost-effective and quick solution. 

Along with being a popular consultancy firm we also pride ourselves on becoming a leading talent management firm in the country. Over the past years we have hosted, organized, executed and managed numerous of events including events hosting during The Grammy Awards, NBA All Star, WNBA All Star, The BET Awards, NFL Pro Bowl, Mayweather Fight Weekend, The Las Vegas Music Awards, NFL Super Bowl and so on. 1st Class Consultant have been successful in corporate governance and providing our services to members of the press, celebrities, recording artists and professional athletes redefining the Win Win Win in Business. We have an efficient and professional staff locally and nationally that constantly work in accordance with the needs, wants and desires of our clients. We provide everything from consulting, business development, public relations, and social media marketing to event management. 

We here at 1st Class Consultant are effective in delivering true results, focusing on strategic decision making and reliable action specific to our clients requests. We engage in all types of business mediums and are perfectly aware of the tending market changes. All this makes us of the best consultancy firm all around, representing size-able incomes for all clients. 



Come Experience The Win Win Win!

Come Experience The Win Win Win!

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