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Consulting Services 


By assessing your company strengths and weaknesses and your organization's ability to implement innovative ideas, allows us to strategize the planning and execution of usage for the contacts to be made in reference to your company needs, for purposes beyond the reason for the initial contact. These resources may be internal or external or a combination of both.



What is a consultant?



  • A professional with extraordinary knowledge and hands on experience in a specialized field. 

  • An independent contractor rather than an employee, offering services or skills to a client for a fee. 

  • Retained professional for fresh ideas, out of the box thinking and specialized skill sets. 

  • A professional problem solver. 


When to use a Consultant?



  • Specialized expertise or experience not available within your organization.

  • One-time or ongoing assistance for peak periods or special projects.

  • Impartial analysis, good judgment and an unbiased opinion.

  • Catalyst for fresh thinking on a campaign, project or business launch.



Why look for in a consultant?


  • Need to Influence other Influentials 

  • Need Help with better communications 

  • Recieve New and Fresh Ideas 

  • Identify Company Problems 

  • Provide Cost Effective and Quick Solutions 

  • Advise on Critical Situations 

  • Need Quality Time Management 

  • True Results that are Effective 

  • Critically Analyze immediate Business needs  

  • Enhance Company Performance & Productivity 

  • Reputation is Built on Integrity 

  • Maximize Untapped and Unused Resources 

  • Unbiased and Fair Professional Opinion 

  • Need to adopt new Techniques

  • Strategic Decision Making 


Executive Business Consultant
Small Business Consultant
Publishing Consultant 
Marketing Consultant 
Branding Consultant 



Business Ent Consultant 
Human Resources Consultant
Social Media Consultant 
Public Relations Consultant
Communications Consultant
Advertising Consultant  



Non-Profit Consulant   
Personal Consultant 
Celebrity Consultant 
Financial Consultant 
Crisis Consultant 



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